Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nesting always makes me happy!

I made these cute little nests Saturday night instead of cooking dinner for my starving family.  Yes, I have been known to craft (or garden, sew, blog etc.) instead of being a responsible adult. 

When the crafting bug bites me, I just HAVE to create.  Here's what inspired me.

I bought this wired twine about 6 months ago at JoAnne's, thinking I would use it somehow for my daughter's upcoming wedding.  Wanting to make a little something  for each place setting at my Easter table, I was visualizing nests.  Enter twine. 

I cut off about 15 inches of the wired twine with my needle nose pliers and using the pliers, twisted the wire around several times to make this. . .

Sorry for the bad pics - it was getting dark and my family was starting to cry.
Then I cut off about 7 more inches of the stuff and wove it around the spiraling twine to look like this. . .

Then I filled them with Jordan almonds that I had previously picked up at Target. 

After tossing a few Jordan almonds to my family to keep them quiet, I did finally feed them real food.

Easter dinner was lovely and I enjoyed having a little something for each family member at their place.

I'm joining up with these parties:
Transformation Thursday

Get your craft on Thurs.


  1. These nests are adorable! And thank goodness you are a real human that pursues creativity instead of responsibility at times... I was beginning to think you might be perfect and I was the only naughty wife/mother/daughter out here! *smile*

  2. Simply adorable. If you would sell these on your Etsy shop I would buy a dozen...hint, hint. I am better at sewing, not crafts;-)


  3. really cute...and I love that place mat! :)

  4. The floral fabric you thought was a place mat is really a vintage curtain panel (from the 50's) that I folded in thirds and draped across the tablecloth like a runner. I, too, LOVE the fabric.

  5. These are so cute! Glad to know I'm not the only one that gets a little craft obsessive at times!! Thanks for your tip about the towels you left on my blog post--I'll check into that! :)

  6. You sound like me, crafing before dinner... I do it all the time. It's all in the name of crafting. I love this.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!


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