Friday, April 9, 2010

New aprons for the Etsy shop

I've been having a blast making unique upcycled aprons for my Etsy shop.

This half apron would add a bit of hostess flair to a party.

The top of this is pieced with white cotton fabric for ample coverage.  I love the colors of this one. 

Vintage rick-rack mimicks the bias lines of the skirt. The burgandy tie in the back is darling.

This is my favorite one!  I love how the pocket turned out.  I used the side zipper tab from the skirt to top off a muslin pocket , trimmed it with vintage rick-rack and topped the whole thing off with a vintage button from Oma's button box.

I'm having so much fun making these.  If you're wondering, I can make two aprons from one skirt.  I remove the zipper from the back (or side) of the skirt and sew up the seam to make another front panel.  I have about 10 more in the works right now.  I wonder which one I'll keep for myself?


  1. Those are too sweet. I love the two you made from the same skirt.

    And what an adorable little model you have there! I think I recognize her. ;-)

  2. These are way too cute! I just might need to get myself a new apron soon!!

  3. I adore your aprons, Kelly. I would love to have a cute apron but I am a size 26/28 with a very ample chest. I can never find bibbed aprons to fit my chest (the bib ends up being a decorative square in the middle of my chest instead of providing any coverage). Would you consider adding some plus sizes to your apron line? I know I would buy them. :-)

  4. That's a great idea, Heidi. Because I make my aprons from upcycled skirts, I can make them in any size. Thanks for the great idea.

  5. I'm thinking Christmas gifts...wink wink. ;)


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