Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Motivation: I love clean windows

Last week I hosted our church's preschool for a field trip to Ms. Kelly's house.

We learned about gardening, plants, chickens and goats.

The tire swing was very popular.

Everyone enjoyed a picnic in the front yard. 

You can see the chicken coop to the left and part of the goat pen to the right.

After everyone left, I noticed some evidence of little hands. 

I have 3 sets of patio doors all along the back of my house on my deck.  Every window was covered with these. . .

No problem.  I've learned a little trick to clean them quickly.

First you need these items:

1.  bucket with a few inches of water
2.  Dawn dish detergent
3.  squeegee
4.  window mop
5.  cotton rag

First, wet the mop.  Then squirt a small amount of Dawn along the mop.  Squish it with your hand to make the mop sudsy. Run the sudsy mop all over the window.

Then taking you squeegee, start at the top of the window.  Squeegee the suds off from left to right and then squeegee down the right side. 

Continue in the same manner, using the squeegee from left to right and then down.  Continue until all suds are removed.  You'll need to wipe the squeegee with the rag between passes.

Stand back and enjoy your clean windows (at least until the next visit of little ones).

I learned this neat trick from some window cleaners who were working at our church.  No fancy, schmancy cleaning chemicals for them. 


  1. Great Monday motivation! I'm looking at a glass door right now with fingerprints!

  2. As soon as this pollen is done I will be starting on my spring window cleaning.


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