Thursday, May 20, 2010

Treasures from the past

On my way home from Home Depot (my home away from home) I stopped by a yard sale.  Lots of baby clothes, housewares, and knit fabric.  It seemed there was a mix of several generations of belongings.

As I was leaving, I glanced into a beat up cardboard box at the end of the driveway.  My heart stopped.  Inside the box was about 50 Ziploc bags with handmade patterns.  Patterns made the way my grandmother used to make them. 

The owner told me that her mother, now suffering with Alzheimer's, was a wonderful seamstress but could no longer sew.

She brought out some of the items she had carefully preserved as a testimony to her mother's skills.  The items were well done and beautiful.

In handwriting similar to my own grandmother's,  she had written detailed notes with each pattern.

The patterns were made with various materials; brown paper bags, interfacing, freezer paper, and tissue paper.  Each with handwritten notes.

She even made a small booklet with her favorite measurements using 3x5 cards sewn together. 

I had to buy them.  I had to carry on where she left off.  The fact that these patterns were all of aprons and purses was amazing  - the exact type of item I sell in my Etsy shop.  I say I found some special treasures from the past. 


  1. That is really neat. I love finding treasures like that. And knowing the story behind those patterns makes them even more special!

  2. You struck it rich!! What a great find...I was salivating just looking at those patterns.

  3. What an exciting find and I'll bet the pattern maker would be so pleased to know that they went to someone that will appreciate her work and talent! Good for you!


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