Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wrensday: Hello Baby Jay

Look who welcomed me when I went outside to hang up my laundry.

Welcome to Brown Wren Acres, Baby Blue Jay.

His mama wasn't too happy about me photographing him.  She told me so, loudly.

She flew overhead, into the trees, chirping with all her might.

She flew from tree to tree, leading Baby Jay away from danger.  Jay obediently followed her chirps until he was out of sight.

Later in the day I heard baby chirps coming from under the fig bush.

I hung upside down from the deck railing, trying to get the picture. 

I hope our new baby stays around for a while.


  1. I hope the baby stays around too so I can maybe sneak a peak at him. :]

  2. Awwww my boys would love that! The 4yo has been asking for a bird for months now!

  3. What a wonderful photograph! I adore all birds that visit us but I celebrate when the hummingbirds return! Thanks for sharing Baby Blue!


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