Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

A few months ago I was inspired by a project on Heather Bullard's blog about making a hand soap dispenser out of a canning jar.  I've been on the lookout for a blue jar with a zinc lid like hers, but haven't come across anything of the sort.  Please stop by Heather's blog - you'll love it!  Please don't compare my soap dispenser with her's - there's really no comparison - her's rocks!

Since necessity is the mother of invention,  I had to go ahead with the project this week - even without the zinc lidded blue jar.  Sigh. . .

Let me set the stage for ya.  I was cooking dinner with my 7 month old grandson sitting in the high chair in the kitchen.  The 3 year old grandson is playing in the sprinkler with Papa (Hubs).  I go to wash my hands at the kitchen sink and I'm out of liquid soap.  I look under the sink and realize the refill bottle is gone.  (what happens under the sink when we're not looking? )   I get the baby out of the highchair and trudge upstairs to get some soap from under the bathroom sink.  The only thing I can find is a bottle of foaming soap in it's own dispenser that I had gotten as a teacher gift.  I don't like to use the dispensers that advertise the store they came from if ya know what I mean.  I grabbed the bottle and went downstairs.  

I just couldn't put the bottle, as is, on the sink.  I had to "fix" it.  Then I remembered Heather's idea.  So I grabbed an empty canning jar from the cabinet, an empty milk jug from the recycling bin, and a pair of scissors from the drawer. 

First, I traced the lid of the canning jar onto the side of the milk jug.  Then I cut it out.  I'm sorry I don't have pics for you - remember, there's a 7 month old in this story.  

I removed the pump from the soap dispenser and trimmed it down to fit the shorter canning jar.  Then I cut a whole in the center of the new lid (from the milk carton) making it just big enough for the pump to slide onto. 

Next, I slid the pump onto the new lid, filled the jar with the new soap, and screwed everything together with the screw band from the jar.  Then I gave it a try and it worked! 

I like using a foaming soap.  When it's time to refill this baby, I'll just use my regular jug of refill soap and use a 6:1 water to soap mix to make a foaming soap.  This will help my soap last longer.  I love being frugal!


  1. What a fabulous idea!! I'm totally going to make a few =)

  2. My young and hip daughter tells me I am behind the times for never having seen this before, but I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I'm making this soap dispenser for my own sink at my earliest availability. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love this one! I kind of like it for a gift idea, too. thanks!

  4. What a fantastic idea! I hate my ugly soap dispenser, but could never find anything that looked any better - until now! Can't wait to find a vintage ball jar and try this out for myself!!!!!

    I often have a big burly man hand pushing down on that pump handle! Is the milk jug lid really strong enough to support the pump dispenser?

  5. Hey Sheri, I'm thinking of replacing the milk jug plastic with a harder plastic from a lid of some sort. It has held up to Ryan's handwashing so far and you know how strong he is!

  6. Well I couldn't wait to find a vintage mason jar, so I went with what I had! I used the lid from a small size container of lemonade mix. It was a hard plastic and tough to cut - I had to use the pruners! It works perfect and I love it!! Now I can take my time and search for a cute vintage one and then use this in the kids bathroom!
    Thanks for such a fantastic idea!

  7. love this...other one is only blue i think due to blue soap! i do like her oxidized lid, but you shouldn't sell yours short! :) you used a foaming pump!!! thanks!


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