Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Turning of the Quilts

As I climbed the stairs this morning I glanced over to my quilt rack on the landing and remembered that it's time to "turn the quilts". 

Yes, the twice a year turning of the quilts is a tradition in my home. 

Really, it's not a holiday, just a bit of housekeeping.

I don't have a linen closet so I store my quilts on a quilt rack in the hall. 

Twice a year I refold them to relieve the stress of the folds on the fabric of the quilts.

During the winter months I have the quilts folded into halves or fourths, darker side out.

During the warmer months, I fold the quilts into thirds and display the lighter side (usually the back side) of the quilt.

The striped quilt you see above is really the cotton ticking backing of the crazy  quilt in the first pic.  My great, great  grandmother made the quilt in the early 1900's for my grandparents. 

 The quilt has traveled around the world (thanks to the U.S. Army) and kept many family members warm.

  I discovered the quilt at Grandma's house in the 1980's and asked if I could have it.  Grandma couldn't understand why a young married woman would want such an old beat up blanket.  I guess I didn't inherit my sentimental side from her!


  1. I love that crazy quilt. I'm sentimental when it comes to used family keepsakes too...although my family doesn't have to many (my aunt's attic is FULL, but she won't let me up there LOL)

  2. What a great story behind that quilt! Guess it's time to refold mine, too... thanks for keeping me on track!

  3. I love old quilts too! I have a few - but unfortunately they are not in good enough shape to display! This is a great idea! I may have to bring our quilt rack out into the open!


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