Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moon flowers show off

So many of the plants in my garden are colorful, hardworking plants.

And then others, like the Moon flower, are just plain show offs.

Each Moon flower bloom opens as the sun sets and stays in bloom until the sun climbs high the next day. 
Show off!

It reseeds itself and pops up anywhere it wants to grow in my garden.  It's flowers are huge and have a sweet scent.  Show off!

Even the seed heads are larger than life.  Show off!

**If any of you would like to have some Show off Moon flower seeds just let me know.  As soon as the seed heads dry I'll be happy to send you some.


  1. I'd love some moon flower seeds. I don't want to put my addy here though. Can I email it to you?

    I'm new to flower gardening. We live on a farm with too much grass and not enough (good) equipment, so our labors have always been spent trying to keep the jungle at bay. This year we hosted our son's graduation and our daughter's wedding here, so we started some flower gardens and I'm hooked. Not skilled or knowledgeable, but hooked none the less :) I love your blog and look forward to checking it every day! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hey Ann,
    You can email me at and give me your address. I promise not to share it with anyone. As soon as the seeds are ripe I'll mail you some. Don't worry about not being experienced in gardening. I still don't know what I'm doing half the time. It's all one big fun filled experiment to me.

  3. I'd love some seeds too!! Will they grow in full sun? That's waht I have most of the time! Can you bring them to church? Thanks!

  4. Your moon flowers seem to grow ON the ground. I have to prop mine up, as they are vine like. Would love some seeds, if you have enough for everyone who has made a request. I'll email my address. Thanks! Sue Thomas


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