Monday, August 30, 2010

Seasonal shopping and planning

                                                                                                          Source:  Country Living

Where did the summer go?  Didn't it just seem like we were pulling out the summer decorations, bathing suits, and lawn chairs?

If you've noticed, the stores are already full of Halloween, Harvest, and Christmas decorations.  But, hidden in dark corners, on the back sides of shelves, and counters by the restrooms are treasures to be found. 

Start thinking of items you might need for next summer and look for those items on the drastically marked down clearance isles. 

*Do you have a pool (or are planning on getting one?).  Look for items to replace or supplement what you already own.

*Do you have patio furniture that needs replacing or needs new cushions.  Buying them now will save you at least half off what you'd pay in the spring for the same thing.

*Do you have any summer birthdays you need to buy for?  Cute candles, place mats, lanterns, beach bags, water toys, or lawn games make great gifts.  You'll be planning ahead and saving money!

*If you have young children, can you buy clothing ahead in a size or two larger?  Sometimes short sleeve shirts, tank tops, and such are great for layering all during the year.

*Are you planning on growing a garden next year or expanding your flower beds?  Look for tools, pots, and other gardening items that are marked down.  Also, some nurseries mark down their perennials and fall is the perfect time to plant perennials for next year.

*Would you like to invite birds into your yard?  Right now many bird houses, bird feeders, and hummingbird feeders are marked down.  In our area, hummingbirds are active until mid October.  Song birds are around all winter and will need a bit of extra food during the cold winter. 

*Do your kids need new bikes?  Many stores are getting rid of their old styles to make room for the latest styles to sell at Christmas.  You could buy one on sale and hide it until the holidays. 

Speaking of hiding, if you do buy things ahead of time and store them for later, be sure to write down where you've hidden things.  One year I bought toys in July for Christmas.  I hid them in my neighbor's attic.  Do you think I remembered them? Do you think she remembered them?   No, I bought more toys in December and didn't remember the toys in my neighbor's attic until she was moving and found them - two years later.  Needless to say, I donated them to Toys for Tots.  At least they were purchased on sale. 
Now, when I buy ahead, I store them in a designated closet and mark it in my day planner.

I'm not advocating buying items "just because it's on sale".  That mentality adds to the clutter of our homes and our lives.  But if you know you're going to purchase a particular item in the future and it's deeply discounted right now - well then, I say, buy it.  

On Wednesday I'll be celebrating my 300th post by having a give-away.  I post details tomorrow.  I can't wait!


  1. I buy extra short sleeve shirts and several plain long sleeve shirts for my son. He wears the same T-shirts from the summer with an extra layer over them. I tried it last year and it ended up being the perfect "look" for my little guy. Plus they have really great sales now so I've got my daughter's entire wardrobe for next summer as well!

  2. I'm bad at planning ahead so this doesn't normally work for me LOL But I am determined to work on it!


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