Friday, September 3, 2010

We're in the home stretch

If you've been reading this blog for a few months you'll remember that we're preparing for our daughter's wedding in early October in our backyard. 

Needless to say, with only one month left until the big day, we're busy with "making pretty" and "doing the details".

So far, I've recovered a bunch of cushions for the deck and seating areas. . .

Hubs, wonderful man that he is, made a backdrop for the ceremony.  It's not completely finished, but it's going to be amazing. 

The "greenhouse garden" is growing like crazy and I'm just trying to keep everything weeded, fertilized, and dead-headed.  We'll add potted chrysanthemums in a few weeks to perk up the color.  (don't see a greenhouse?  Well, it's in the planning stages.  I figure that if I call it the "greenhouse garden" then it will motivate Hubs to build one sooner)

The vegetable garden is winding down and I'm about ready to put in the fall veggies.  I'm waiting for Hurricane Earl to leave the area before I plant anything.

This butterfly garden is doing well.  I need to tidy it up, but a few hours of work will take care of that.

The last of the applebutter is canned for party favors.  We'll be decorating those today.

The hardest part, emotionally and physically, is the moving out part.  She's still living at home, but we're slowly moving our daughter into the home she will share with her husband.  Friends and family have generously donated furniture to the couple.  Thanks to our hay-hauling trailer, we didn't have to rent a truck.  She's slowly moving smaller things over to their townhouse so everything will be there when they return from their honeymoon.  Sigh. . . One more birdie leaving the nest. 

Most of the hard work is done for the wedding.  Now it's just the details.  RSVPs are arriving daily and we're counting down the days.  My good news on the medical front is that I won't start the transplant process until after the wedding.  My strength is good and I have none of the typical symptoms associated with stage 4 kidney disease - praise God!  Thanks for keeping me in your prayers. 


  1. I love your backdrop!

    You are a real trooper! So much on your plate and yet you keep it all so 'Tidy' ;)

  2. This post is so exciting! Everything is going to be beautiful!!! And, I think the moving part is definitely the hardest for her too - I know it is for me! I've been thinking and praying about you a lot this past week.

  3. My goodness, the planning is moving right along. The wedding backdrop is simply beautiful. And apple butter favors... delightful! I know it will be an unforgettable day of joy for all!

  4. The backdrop for the wedding ceremony is just precious! What beautiful preparations for a beautiful day! Keeping you in my prayers.


  5. Happy to see that furniture going to a ggod home! My dad would be so glad!

  6. Oh wow - I didn't know that you were having your daughter's wedding in your backyard - how fun! It looks like it's going to be beautiful!

  7. It's all looking beautiful! Can't wait to see wedding pics. Glad to hear you are feeling well right now. take care! Don't work too hard. : )


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