Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wrensday: My potting bench

I've got a special spot in my yard that needed some cleaning up.  It functions well, but my potting bench wasn't looking "wedding ready".  Since my daughter's wedding is only 1 1/2 weeks away I thought the bench could use a new outfit - and a bath. 

My Hubs built the potting bench from an old sink that we found (you guessed it) in someone's trash.  It's an old cast iron sink with built in drain boards.  Hubs used pressure treated wood and leftover Trex decking to make the base of it. 

I cleaned up the area and made a skirt from a canvas drop cloth, stapling it around the top of the wood just under the sink lip.

Scattered around our home are little folk art creatures, made by the previous owner.  At first I thought they were too weird to keep but, over time, I've come to like them.  Here's one little fella that I use to hold my old gardening trowel.

Who wouldn't love a face like this?

This little gal never has a bad hair day.  She doesn't serve any purpose except to make me chuckle.

The potting bench will eventually move into the greenhouse that we'll be building.  Until then, I'll enjoy seeing it dressed in it's wedding finery.

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  1. very cute little creatures. I love your potting bench idea before the makeover too.

  2. I absolutely love your potting bench/sink! It looks so organized and looks wonderful with the skirt.
    You could place mums in the sink for the wedding. I love your art creatures, too!

  3. Cute, cute- one day I hope to have a potting bench like that! Thanks for sharing.


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