Monday, October 4, 2010

Tears Of Joy and Tears Of Sorrow

                                                                                                                 (Andi Grant Photography)

Last week was a whirlwind week.  I think I experienced every emotion there is in that one week time period.

My dear, dear Mother in law passed away on Thursday afternoon after a year long,  painful battle with cancer.  She was ready to see Jesus.  She really was.  Her wish was that her passing would not interfere with her granddaughter's wedding.  She was thoughtful like that.  I cried.

 A few days before her death, she gave my daughter a wonderful blessing.  As Ashley was visiting her at the hospital, Nana grabbed her hand and said "goodbye Mrs. Baker" (my daughter's married  name).  Not aware of dates or times, Nana thought she had missed the wedding.  She would not live long enough to miss the wedding, but left a wonderful memory for my daughter to hold onto.  I cried.

The following day, my Father in law gave Ashley a necklace at the rehearsal dinner.  Months ago, Nana had taken a Tourmaline stone from one of her grandmother's necklaces and had it put into a new setting.  The day after Nana died, the jeweler called to say the necklace was ready.  Nana never got to see the necklace that would adorn her granddaughter's neck on her wedding day.  I cried.

Saturday dawned beautiful and clear.  We were so thankful because it had been raining for 5 days straight, sending 14 inches of rain down on our yard.  My husband spent most of Thursday night in the yard with a sump pump, pumping water out of the yard.  By Saturday afternoon the ground was a little squishy, but functional.  Our good friends came bright and early to help with set up and food prep.  We couldn't have done it without them.  They set up chairs, assembled the dance floor, decorated tables, spread straw (to absorb rainwater), answered the phone, cooked and prepped food and reminded us to eat.  Their gift of time and effort made me cry.

The hardest part of the day was giving away our daughter.  We absolutely love our new son-in-law and think he is the perfect match for Ashley, but it was still very difficult.  I cried tears of joy.  Today our house is quiet and not nearly as messy as it is when she's around.  Actually, I miss the noise - but not the mess!

Last night my husband had to sit me down and tell me of a tragedy that had happened during the storms we had last week.  One of our chickens (my favorite - Babe) had died during the storm.  He didn't want to tell me before the wedding. . . and I'm glad he didn't.  It was one more thing to cry about.


  1. It's no wonder the tears came in so many forms. Just reading made my eyes tear up. So sorry for your losses and so very over joyed for all that you have gained! Lovely, stunning photo!

  2. Oh goodness, what a week. I am so sorry about your mother in law, but what a new blessing to have her call your daughter by her married name. I am sure she smiled down from heaven!
    Take it easy and allow yourself to grieve and enjoy memories. Normal life will wait for you; well, it will still go on, but you can catch up later. Take care.


  3. Wow. This post blew me away. What an emotional week you've had. The wedding picture is just
    dreamy. Your dear daughter is beautiful.
    The necklace, the blessing, all of it the whole thing is so touching and very special. Makes me want to cry too!

  4. What a week you've had! Hope you get some time to breathe now. Congrats on your new son in law and our sympathy in the loss of your mother in law.

    The photo is beautiful, by the way. Looks like the backyard wedding day was a wonderful success.

  5. What a lovely post. I cried right along with you. So many tender mercies for you and your family. That photograph is gorgeous -- a beautiful bride and handsome groom. What a week. Congratulations and my heartfelt sympathy.

  6. So sorry for your very emotional week. And I'm sorry for the loss of your Mother-in-law.

  7. What a beautiful picture!

    What an amazing God! I'm sorry for your loss, but how wonderful that God had little gifts for you & your daughter to ease the pain. He is so good!

  8. I am so sorry for your loss (((hugs))) What an emotional week for you.

    That picture is beautiful and your backyard looks amazing!

  9. What a beautiful post! Congratulations on your daughter's wedding and my condolences to you for the loss of your dear mother-in-law. That is a lot of emotions for a short period of time!
    Our daughter got married here on our farm just 2 months ago. I still feel like I'm recovering from the physical and emotional exhaustion from it. I hope you have time to rest and recover from all of that work.

  10. And I'm crying with you. How very touching -- all of it.

  11. YOu are right that it definitely was a week. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you heal from everything that happened.


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