Thursday, December 9, 2010

Can You Really Have Too Many Lanterns?

Last week  I popped into my local thrift store, looking for holiday fabric.  I didn't find any fabric but I did find this: 

Who could pass up an adorable lantern for $2.99?  Well, I did have to talk myself into it because I have a bit of lantern overload right now.  I already have several lanterns leftover from my daughter's wedding and I got a Pottery Barn lantern from a good friend for my birthday.  But this one was so rustic. . . so wrenish. . . so darn cute. . .    What's a girl to do?  So I brought it home.

I knew I needed to do something to it because bright white doesn't work well at my house.  So. . . I  gave it a light washing of diluted brown paint to antique it a bit. . . but. . . it just wasn't working for me.

I couldn't decide what to do, so I let it sit overnight until I got an inspiration.  It really needed to be warmed up a bit and I knew just the color to do that warming up. . .

I mixed two different colors of red acrylic craft paint together and then swirled some burnt umber paint into the red.  I brushed that concoction inside and out on the lantern to achieve the "old" look I was wanting.  I was able to remove the glass panels to make painting easier (and make cleaning the glass easier). 

Ohhhhh, much better in red.  I hope it likes it's new home.  I guess I really did need another lantern

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  1. I just got my very first lantern! Not nearly as cute as yours, but I was pleased!

    Yours looks awesome decked out in it's new colors!

  2. I love it that red color. I definitely would have grabbed that for $3! I love a great deal!

  3. what a great transformation! I used to do all these crafty things and then got so caught up in kids, work, ... life ... that I seem to have lost my creative energy. Now I'm in a different place and see projects like this and feel "inspired" ... maybe it's time to re-kindle that spark. Thanks for the before and after peek! Merry Christmas too :)

  4. LOVE it! I'm on the lookout for lanterns after seeing all of your posts LOL I am really loving the candle look!

  5. I LOVE the red! I can't believe the difference the color makes! Now, I too am on the lookout for lanterns! :-)

  6. you can NEVER have too many lanterns.. or birdhouses especially when they are at a great price!!! :)


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