Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wrensday: Favorite Ornaments

Years ago Hubs and I made ornaments for our friends and family for Christmas gifts.

Our dining room table was our workshop for weeks. 

We would start with wooden birdhouse shapes from the craft store and add other odds and ends until we had an ornament we were happy with. 

This ornament started with "stones" cut out of different shades of leather.  We filled in around the leather pieces with puffy paint "mortar".  The roof is a small piece of copper with tiny nails to hold it down.  This stone house is one of my favorites!

This ornament was made to look like a little gingerbread house.  We used a nail to hammer indentations into the wood to mimic gingerbread (or graham crackers).  More puffy paint looks like frosting.  We added pompom wreaths, tiny bows, and tiny candy canes for decorations.  The shutters are adorned with heart shaped jewels.  Fifteen years later, this ornament looks good enough to eat!

What are your favorite ornaments?


  1. Not every year, but most year's we have something "big" happen - a move, a baby born, even a death (which seem to happen around the holidays in our family). I love getting ornaments to remember such events or the loved one that passed. It is like looking at history on the tree. One of my favorites though is a little wooden stocking with our family name on it that my mom gave to me the Christmas just prior to our wedding. It was so exciting to know I already had an ornament for the tree we'd have for our first Christmas as husband and wife and it bore the name we would share. Funniest thing is the ornament wasn't even the gift - she merely used it as the gift tag on top of the package!

  2. That's easy! My favorite ornaments are the ones you make!

    Do you or have you ever done a post on how to wrap gifts 'the right way'?

    Send help if ya do!

  3. Those are cute - I can't believe you made them!

    In our last move we (mom and I), somehow managed to lose ALL of our ornaments from childhood on...we are all bummed and starting from scratch. Unfortunately it's really hard to find the unique kinds of ornaments we used to have. Everything is so cheap now.


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