Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cleaning Out The Craft Closet

I've been organizing again.  Are you surprised? 

This week, I tackled two closets.  My coat closet is done and I'll show you the before and after pics on Monday.  I also worked on my fabric closet.  I gained an extra closet when my son moved over to the apartment over our garage.  I wasted no time shoving it full of fabric for my Etsy shop.

This is what happens to fabric when you shove it into a closet. . .

To my credit, it is stacked into categories.

First, I took everything out of the closet, sorting fabric by color, type, and purpose.  Any scraps too small to use on my larger projects were tossed into a wicker laundry basket.  The extra blanket on the shelf went into a different closet.

Then, I added a hanging shelf from Walmart.  I also reused the small wooden shelf that used to hold my son's shoes. 

Lastly, I loaded the fabric back into the closet, keeping categories together.  I used the hanging shelf to hold fabric by color.  The top shelf holds Christmas fabric (on the left), large neutral pieces (in the middle), and a box of Christmas craft supplies that I bought on clearance (if I don't keep them in clear sight, I won't remember to use them next Christmas). 

The clothes rod holds some of the items I have advertised in my Etsy shop.  Below those items are two extra baskets of fabric.  The white bin holds red fabric because I ran out of sections in the hanging shelf.  The wicker basket holds extra sweater pieces from pillows I've been making.  The large laundry basket on the bottom holds the smaller scraps that I'll use on small projects.

I spent less than an hour on this project and was even able to fit in fabric I had stashed under my sewing machine downstairs.  Yes, you guessed it, I'm a fabric stasher.  I can't help it.  At least  now it is organized so I can find what I need in just a few seconds.   This type of visual clutter drives me crazy so I'm happy to keep it shut away behind closed closet doors.  If I had to store in on an open shelf, I'd probably have to keep it in baskets or some other closed containers.  I'm weird like that.

So, are you brave enough to show everyone how you stash your hobby supplies? 

Speaking of hobbies, Hubs is preparing to raise bees this coming Spring and is getting the bee boxes ready.  Guess where he's doing that. . . yes, right next to my fabric closet!  How's a girl supposed to work?  I thought you might enjoy this "keeping it real" photo of our third floor bedroom as it looks right now!


  1. I really like the hanging shelf. I will have to look a that the next time I go to Walmart.
    I should get my coconut oil on Saturday. : )

  2. Glad you have more space mom :)

    Dad, great bee boxes!

  3. Funny that your son moving out was actually a blessing to your fabric stash! Love the keeping it real photo - it gives me hope!
    Love you!
    Sheri O

  4. It looks great - and reminds me that I need to go through my random fabrics cupboard, although it's not nearly as large as's a mess and I'm getting nothing accomplished with it being shoved in there willy-nilly!

  5. I wish I could be this organized...but as long as my clothes are on hangers I consider myself successful.


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