Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Elevating Decor

Sometimes when I'm decorating my home, I'm frustrated my the "smallness" of my items.  Small items seem to get lost on a table or shelf.  They also tend to seem to add to the visual clutter I see.   To remedy this problem, I combine items to make more of a statement.

Below is an arrangement on my sideboard.  I've changed the items under the globe several times in the past few months, but the basic design is the same.  I used a metal pedestal from the thrift store, a cheese plate dome from the thrift store, an antique plate, some salt, a ceramic bird and a Christmas ornament together.  To the side is a silver votive holder. 

 Each of these items is not especially beautiful by themselves, but together, they make a nice display.

On the other side of the room, near the bay window, is a cute little table that I move around a lot.  Because it it is small, I like to stack things on it to elevate it's height.

I've added a stack of books and a pedestal with mesh dome that found at Home Goods.  A small bird's nest sits nearby and adds a bit of softness. 

These are just a few examples of ways to combine decor to make it seem bigger than it really is.  If you have items scattered around your home, try combining them to make a bigger statement.  It helps to visually unclutter your home when you do this. 


  1. So sweet! Love the way you've made the "small" more noticeable! You are very creative!

  2. I think this idea is great! Although I'll admit that sometimes I forget to do this only with a few small items and I tend to over do it. It's definitely part of my challenge!

  3. I keep seeing so many unique ideas using cheese plate domes - I'm going to start keeping my eyes peeled for one!


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