Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Motivation: My Coat Closet Revealed

Have you been working on your coat closet this week?  Well, I have too and I'm ready to show you the "before and after". 

So, here is the before. . .

Yes, it was in need of some help.  I'm fortunate to have built in shelves already in the closet.  Most of our coats are short, so it works well.  I think the previous owner used the shelves for his shoes, because they were covered with dirt when we moved in!

After about 20 minutes of work, this is what my closet looked like. . .
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I had already gotten rid of several extra coats at the beginning of the season.  Here are some of the items I got rid of this week:
1 hula hoop
2 posters from old Sunday School Lessons
2 old choir books (that were returned to church - oops)
several old purses
a set of floor samples was put with my staging/redesign supplies

I bought the MDF crates at Michaels a few years ago.  They hold hats/gloves, purses, and light bulbs.
The bottom red crate holds backpacks and tote bags.

I keep my camera tripod and my electronic keyboard stored to the left side of the closet because. . . well, because they fit there nicely.

I didn't move anything on the top shelf because I can't reach that shelf and it wasn't messy.

I do hang onto a good selection of coats and jackets because we get a lot of visitors at The Wren and we don't want them to get chilly when they decide to stay until it's dark.  (Once people come to our home, they don't like to leave - and we like it that way).

  So. . . if you come for a visit. . . and stay to eat pie on the front porch. . . and it starts to get chilly outside. . . just grab a jacket. . . now that you know where they are. 


  1. I just became your new follower ~ I know why ~ I have a closet just like yours (before). Thanks for the I need to go clean the closet! ;-)

  2. I wish I could come eat some pie with you on the porch! Have a great day!

  3. "I wish I had taken a before picture of my closet - it was a disaster - you had to stand back when you opened it so nothing would fall out and hit you!!

    Thanks to your tips it is looking good now!! You can even see the floor! Love the tips with the milk crate - I needed a way to hold all those reusable bags.

  4. I'd be happy if my coat closet looked like your before picture!

  5. I found two nice coats that we donated that we have not worn in years. I took out the bag of Easter eggs (yes) and tennis rackets and now have plenty of room for jackets and hats. Thanks!

  6. Looks great Mom! I'm so glad you had extra coats. They came in handy when that snow storm hit during Christmas. ;)

  7. I need to clean out mine too! Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Jeanie,
    My before picture only looks like that because I clean out that closet twice a year. I'm really bad a "stuffing" things in there that I want to get out of sight quickly!


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