Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Motivation: Resolving To Set Goals

I don't like to set New Year's resolutions.
If I think I need to improve on something or implement new ideas I just do it.  I can start at any time.
My main goal for myself is that I want to be a better person, today, than I was yesterday.

Some of the ways I work toward that goal are:

1. Try to listen more and talk less
2.  Learn something new about healthy eating every chance I get
3. Make someone's day - every day
4.  Think beyond myself
5.  Learn to wait - and rest while waiting
6.   Learn lots of new things about blogging (I'm still not sure how it works).

How about you?  What types of things will help make you a better person today, than you were yesterday.  

“Goals are simply tools to focus your energy in positive directions.”



  1. Love number 1 and 4!!! I will be working on those myself! As well as creating (and keeping) a new household maintenance schedule!

  2. I liked a lot of those but I especially enjoyed #5. : )

  3. hi! Happy New Year!
    All excellent ideas, and good goals for me too!


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