Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Vase Makes All The Difference

Remember the vase of flowers from yesterday's post?  The flowers I set aside to rearrange later?

I did get around to rearranging them and I thought I'd show you the changes I made.

This vase was full of two sets of wrapped flowers (you know, they come already bunched together, bound with a rubberband, and wrapped with cellophane and a packet of flower food).

One set was from the lovely ladies at a church where I spoke, and the other set was from my grandson who thought Honey needed some purple flowers. 

 When I first put them into a vase, a friend helped me trim the ends and we plopped them into a vase. Then my grandson brought me the second bunch and I just added them to the first.   Throughout the day, I kept looking at the vase and thinking something wasn't right.   The vase was too tall and the flowers were too tall.  Everything was out of proportion. 

I decided to take everything apart and start again.  I picked a shorter and wider vase (it's a beautiful pink depression glass vase that belonged to Hub's Nana).  I separated all of the flowers and sorted them according to color.  I ended up with stacks of  white, light purple, dark purple, redish pink, and greenery.  I trimmed all of the stems shorter.  The white as the tallest, followed by light purple as a medium height, and the dark purple as the shortest height.  I trimmed the greenery a bit taller than the white.  I decided to not use the redish pink in the arrangement.

Holding the flowers in my left hand, I started with the white flowers and greenery and then added the light purple evenly around them. Then I added the dark purple evenly around the light purple.  When I placed the handful of flowers in the vase, they fell naturally into an arrangement.  Nothing fancy, but much more pleasing to the eye. 


I could have trimmed them a little shorter, but I wanted to give myself some room to trim them in a few days.  These mums should last a while and they'll do better with a trim.  I change the water daily and I don't really bother with the flower food after the first use.

The redish pink flowers were really cute little daisies, but I thought they detracted from the arrangement.  I cut them really short and added them to a small vase.  Now, I'll enjoy them on my kitchen window sill.

I know I'll get many days of enjoyment from these flowers. 

**This morning I came into the kitchen and was surprised to find the daisy flowers had colored the water pink.  I guess they had been dyed and some of the dye transferred into the water.  It was a beautiful surprise!


  1. I never would have put that much thought into flowers HAHA I do like those little pink daisies though - cute! Makes me want to go buy some flowers!


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