Thursday, March 3, 2011

Roasted Cabbage - My New Favorite Veggie

I've found that growing my own food is very satisfying. 
Sure, it satisfying to my tummy, but also to my soul.

I find that I am more grateful for the food I eat from my own garden because I know the effort it took to grow and nurture it. 

I know all of the dangers (frost, worms, chickens) I had to protect it from.

But, in my book, the effort pays off:

The one request my Hubs had about eating cabbage (now that we have an abundance of it) is that I not cook it to death.  He has painful memories of gagging down boiled cabbage as a child and hating it.  In the past, I have avoided cooking cabbage as a singe side dish.  I always added it to dishes but never made it by itself. 

I've made kielbasa and cabbage, cole slaw, cabbage in stir fry, cabbage in soup etc. but figured it was time to let the cabbage stand alone.

I searched my recipe books and the web and discovered roasted cabbage.  It's hardly a recipe - as with most roasted veggies, you just cut, sprinkle with oil and seasonings, and roast in a hot oven. 

Here's what I did.

1.  Cut the cabbage into wedges (I only used half the large head for 3 of us)
2.  Place in pan with sides (I used my Pampered Chef stone ware)
3.  Sprinkle extra virgin olive oil over the wedges.
4.  Sprinkle sea salt and fresh ground pepper over wedges (you can also add caraway seed if you like it)
5.  Place in preheated 425 degree oven.
6.  Roast for 15 minutes. 

** I've noticed that fresh cabbage roasts much faster than cabbage I've purchased at the grocery store.  My home grown cabbage tends to be a lighter head that is not as compact as the ones I've purchased and I think it roasts quicker.  If you have a heavier head of cabbage, you'll probably need to adjust the roasting time.  Just keep an eye on it. 

I know the picture looks like I've burnt the cabbage, but it's not burnt at all.  The edges crisp up and have a wonderful flavor.  The layers of cabbage are wonderfully tender but still have the texture of cabbage - not mushy at all. 

I hope you'll give roasted cabbage a try.  Cabbage is a wonderfully frugal vegetable and very good for you. 


  1. Genius! I've never even thought to roast cabbage! I'm so happy, I've been craving cabbage, but wasn't really wanting to make a whole recipe just for it!

  2. I grew cabbage and collards in my garden this year and just harvested the last of the cabbages to make room for snow peas, red potatoes and sweet onions. I agree - the cabbages I grew were less dense and cooked more quickly. I like to "saute" my cabbage in olive oil, but I like your roasting recipe. I just love cabbage fixed just about any way! Love your blog - just discovered it...



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