Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Week Menu: March 27- April 9, 2011

Oops.  I should have posted this yesterday, but sleep took over my weary body again.  Please forgive me the delay.

Sunday, March 27:  No kids!  Date with Hubs.
Monday, March 28:  Pasta E Fagioli (leftover from last week),  homemade Italian bread
Tuesday, March 29:  Veggie Quiche, fruit salad, pumpkin muffins
Wednesday, March 30:  Tuna burgers, spinach salad, baked potato
Thursday,  March 31:  Enchiladas Suizas (make triple batch - one to eat, one for another family, and one to  freeze for a future meal), green salad
Friday, April 1:  Chicken and barley bake, collard greens
Saturday, April 2:  Homemade veggie pizza, brussel sprouts

Sunday, April 3:  Family Birthday Celebration:  Kielbasa with sauerkraut and apples, cornbread, roasted green beans, birthday cheesecake
Monday, April 4:  Corn and potato chowder, popovers, orange wedges
Tuesday, April 5:  Salmon, quinoa, sugar snap peas
Wednesday, April 6:  Venison meatballs with red sauce, whole wheat pasta, spinach salad
Thursday, April 7:  Oregano chicken, green beans with corn, sweet potatoes
Friday, April 8:  Tortellini Salad, homemade bread
Saturday, April 9:  Mexican Beef Casserole, fruit salad

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