Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wrensday: New Residents At The Wren

My how the times have changed.

A few years ago when we first got chickens we called them "members of the family" and  I set about to name them.

How did we pick their names?  Well I decided to name them after our grandmothers:  Gwennie, Gertie, Bertie, and Elsie (after Gwen, Gertrude, Bertha, and Elsie Marie)

Let me just tell you - don't name your chickens after your grandmothers.  If you do, you will be doubly horrified when a fox sneaks in and eats them.  I'm just sayin'!

We only half learned our lesson the next time and named the chickens, but not after family members.

We still have two of that batch (Suzie and Reba)

(Our goats, Gus and Bubba are a little afraid of the chickens.  See how they climb up on their platform when the chickens roam near their pen?) 

This time, we ordered 5 peeps and they will not have names.  We will only refer to them as egg layers.

They are really cute and fluffy and make the sweetest noises - but  I. Will. Not. Name. Them.  I mean it!

They will be visiting a preschool today and I'll bet the students give them names. . . hee hee.


  1. Your peeps are so sweet ~ we are getting six this year. I was going to name them...but now...;-)

  2. I love that picture of the goats, too funny!

    I don't think I could own an animal and NOT name it. Good luck with that!

  3. Oh, sooo cute!! I wish I had some. If/When we start with our "egg-layers", I'll be sure not to let the kids name them. Audrey would never survive if something happened to one!

  4. Sssooo cute!!! I had a grandmother named Elsie... she was my favorite person in the whole wide world when I was a child.

    I do hope you'll share the names these little layers receive at preschool. Maybe Goldilocks, or Buttercup, or Sunny... *grin*

  5. Oh my goodness... they are soooo cute! I will name them for you! ;] Maybe Hunter and I can make a trip out to the "farm" to see all the animals! He is really into animals (he will probably call Bubba and Gus "dog").


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