Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wrensday: Yellow Springtime

I love to plant yellow flowers because they make such an impact when viewed either up close or far away.

These Johnny Jump-ups will soon tumble over the edges of the window box.

Daffodils seem to shout "Spring is here"!

The Carolina Jessamine blooms over half of the year in my sheltered courtyard. 

The flowers seem delicate, but sometimes bloom while covered with snow.

Upon further inspection, a little bird's nest was discovered.  I'll have to keep my eyes open to see what type of bird built it.

The Johnny Jump-ups by the front porch show off next to the red Camillias. 

The Forsythia is a beautiful backdrop to the pink Camilias and our wonderful American flag.

More yellow Johnny Jump-ups fill a pot in an old wheel barrow in the middle of the gravel driveway.

Reba, one of our free ranging chickens, checks for bugs near the front light pole.  Now that she's finished molting, her new feathers are really beautiful.  (just for the record - molting chickens with no feathers on their necks are really freakish looking)

Thanks for walking around my yard with me and enjoying the yellow the blooms.  

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  1. I REALLY like those Johnny Jump-Ups! I think I'm gonna have to go find me some!!


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