Friday, April 8, 2011

How To Beef Up Small Artwork

Whenever I polish my floors, I always rearrange furniture and accessories.

One of the areas that needed a bit of tweaking was this corner. 

I moved the wall unit over to the right and the corner was looking a little bit "off".

The artwork seemed too high, off center, and too small.

I snooped around my accessory closet and found this old framed art made by Hub's grandmother.  It's dated 1977.

I didn't want to remove the artwork from the frame so I just layered the small art piece over the larger artwork to beef it up.  Then I hung it a little lower and and centered it.

To hang it, I hammered a small nail through the burlap and into the wooden backing of the larger artwork.  Then I hung the smaller artwork on the nail.  I can easily separate the two pieces and use them separately whenever I want to. 

I moved an upholstered chair away from the fireplace and into the corner.  When the weather turns cold again, I'll move the chair back to it's rightful place near the fireplace.

For those of you who are very observant - yes, I simplified the accessories on the book shelves too, but that's for another post.

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