Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday Motivation: Favorite Organizing Solutions For The Bedroom

Yes, this Monday Motivation is being posted on a Tuesday.  Better late than never, I say.

We're just about finished with organizing the bedroom.  All of the big areas have been covered in previous weeks and now all that is left is figuring out what to do with those little accessories we have in our bedrooms.  I've discovered that if I don't have a place for my accessories to "live" they just pile up on any horizontal surface in the bedroom. 

Here are some creative ideas that I've saved in my idea file.  I don't personally use all of them, but they are good solutions to check out if you have a particular need for storage.

First, is jewelry storage solutions.  Here is a wall-hung necklace holder.  It looks like a wall hung mirror but you can open it and store your necklaces, tangle free.  Two of them, side by side, could replace a large mirror over your dresser.

Next, is an almost free solution.  Little bowls or dishes set inside a dresser drawer hold all manner of jewelry.  You could also use this idea for make-up, finger nail polish, and perfumes.

Scarves are all the rage right now, and this unique hanger is a great tangle free solution for storing them.  Hung in the closet, it doesn't take up much room at all.

Need extra space for shoes, sweaters, or work out clothes?  This hanging shelf is inexpensive and holds a lot of things.  I have one in my craft closet to hold folded fabric.  The fabric is sorted by color and makes it  very easy to grab any fabric quickly.

Lastly, a really inexpensive  option to store earrings in is a divided storage box that is sold in craft stores and even in the fishing  section of department stores.  You can line the bottom with felt if you're worried about your jewelry getting scratched.

I'd love to hear what solutions you use for your accessories.  Please tell us about them in the comments section.

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