Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tweaking The Spring Mantle

A few weeks ago I decided to "lighten up" the accessories on my mantle.  I added several fun things in lighter tones of aqua and off white. 

But, something wasn't right.  The stars weren't right.  Too dark.   I like the string of barbed wire across the fireplace because it fills in the large expanse of bland colored brick but with the lighter scheme, I knew it had to go.

Or did it?

I found some little carved wooden birds at Michaels and brought them home.  I wired them onto the barbed wire and stood back.  Hmmm. . . . too light.  Not enough contrast.

After staining them with some diluted craft paint and covering them with modge podge to seal them, I wired them back on and was happy with the look.

They make me smile every time I pass by them.


  1. I definitely like those little birds!

  2. I love the birds on the wire! And they do look much better stained!


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