Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Motivation: Closets Galore

Last year, when we talked about organizing closets, I got a lot of positive feedback about critiquing some closet pics I found online.  It's tempting to want to copy professional ideas, but as we've all discovered, some of those ideas just aren't practical. 

While exploring the web, I came across some pics that I thought would be fun to give my two cents of an opinion about.  Feel free to add your ideas as well. 

First up is a fun children's closet.  This is a hanging system available in a specialty children's department.  It could be easily duplicated with hanging bars and shelves found in the closet department of of Home Depot or even Walmart.  I like the way the lower rod and shelves make the clothes accessible to the little ones.  Maybe they'll want to put away their own clothes?

My opinion about this closet is biased because I have installed a few of these Closet Maid systems in client's closets.  They are easy to plan out on the company's website and can be purchased at Home Depot and  installed in a few hours.  It can be customized and switched around easily as your needs change.  See, I told you I was biased.  (by the by, Closet Maid doesn't know I exist and they aren't paying me to say this)

 I couldn't find a source for the products in this pic, but I know you can find similar items to create this closet from The Container Store.  The shoe cubbies, hanging shelves, and "skinny" hangers are all great items for organized storage.   Notice, too, how some items are rolled and stored.  Not sure I would do it, but if my son would roll his T-shirts and put them on a shelf, I wouldn't complain!

So what's your two cents worth about these closets?  Have you been working on your own closets?  Do tell!

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  1. I LOVE that last "closet" I think I would hide out in there! LOL

    My (one) closet has storage bins, a double stroller and a hot water heater. I'd love to do something different with it! Maybe next time I have extra cash I'll have to check out a closet system, I can think of quite a few pieces I'd love to be able to hang up!


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