Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Week Menu: May 15th - May 28th

I haven't had the opportunity to share a two week menu in awhile because I haven't been cooking.  After I returned home from my transplant, our family ate meals I had prepared ahead and frozen for the first week and then my church family (I love River Oak Church)  filled in ever since then.   Now, that I'm a lot stronger and able to move around I'm eager to get back into the kitchen and take care of my family. 

Sunday, May 15th:  Leftover Beef Stew, garlic bread, oranges
Monday, May 16th:  Tortellini Salad, Melon
Tuesday, May 17th:  Venison Gumbo (my son wants to cook - hmmm)
Wednesday, May18th:  Orange Balsamic Chicken, brown rice, swiss chard
Thursday, May 19th:  Veggie Quiche, sausage, oranges
Friday, May 20th:  Chicken Fajitas with all the toppings
Saturday, May 21st:  Corn chowder made with leftover ham, homemade rolls, salad

Sunday, May 22nd:  Deviled Egg and Spinach Salad, popovers
Monday, May 23rd:  Chicken Cacciatore with whole wheat pasta, salad
Tuesday, May 24th:  Maple pork chops with apples, greenbeans
Wednesday, May 25th:  Salmon, quinoa, swiss chard (probably the last in the garden)
Thursday, May 26th:  Beef noodle bowl with broccoli and carrots
Friday, May 27th:  Homemade pizza, salad
Saturday, May 28th:  Split Pea Soup, homemade bread, fresh fruit


  1. Tortellini salad sounds yummy! I made your bread and your granola today.I need to order more coconut oil. :

  2. Yum corn chowder - I've never made it myself, but I think I'll try it this week! I'm also craving this really yummy, creamy cabbage soup we had at a church potluck...I need to hunt that recipe down!


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