Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventures at Sherando Lake

Several readers have emailed me, asking where we go camping. 

Our favorite place to camp is Sherando Lake in the George Washington National Forest.  It's located right outside of Waynesboro, VA.

It has a man-made lake with a small island in the middle.  Our children practiced swimming out to it every Summer and felt great pride when they accomplished that feat without any help.

The lake is also stocked with trout and fishing with a license is allowed.  You can see the roped-off area where swimming is allowed.

Small boats are allowed (no motors) and we've enjoyed canoeing and even just paddling with an inflatable dingy.

One of the things we love about the lake is that it's surrounded by trees, so you can get out of the bright sun if you want to.  Many families spend the entire day at the lakeside, switching back and forth between the sunny sanded area and the shaded tree area.  There is also a bath house with showers and toilets. 

The bark on this tree was amazing.  It reminded me of camouflage fatigues, which my son loves to wear.
We took a few morning trips away from the lake.  We love looking at old homes.  I love how the original log home was added on to.  The metal roof and red paint made me swoon. 

This small, one car bridge, was the only way to get to the regional airport in the area.  Hubs has a special love for bridges so we had to drive over it. 

I hate to see beautiful old  buildings abandoned.  I just want to wrap my arms around it and take it home.  Honey, do you think it will fit in the back of the truck?   


  1. We'll have to add that to our list for next year. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Sherando Lake is our favorite place to camp! We go into Staunton and have breakfast at Cranberries, we wander around the back roads, and then come back to the beauty of the campsite and relax. What wonderful images you've captured!

  3. It looks like a fantastic place to camp! Definitely a place I'd want to visit often!

    That log cabin with the add-on is awesome. I want to live there now LOL

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