Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Motivation: Garage Storage Solutions

Almost every client I work with wants help with organizing their garage. After purging all unnecessary items, I help them sort the keepers and find a home for every item. Here are some of my favorite organizing solutions to help control clutter in the garage.

These easy to install tool racks are great for getting tools and accessories off of the floor and within easy reach.  After all, you (or your teenager) are more likely to use it if you can reach it. 

DIY Life project traditional

More vertical storage ahead. . .  These metal storage shelves are sturdy and adjustable. Notice how the heavier items are stored on the bottom shelves.

Marielle kitchen

This garage utilizes cabinets, rolling carts, shoe racks, peg boards, vertical hanging hooks, shelves, and a finished floor.  It's a great use of space.


There is no rule that says you can only put closet organizers into a closet. They'll work perfectly well in a garage too!  Generally, you'll have to put it into a corner so that the shelf brackets have something to attach to. 

Maillardville Manor-Mudroom modern entry

These posts are great for boats and surfboards as well as other bulky or ridged items

Boardshed modern exterior

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  1. Yeah, we could certainly use help in our garage. If I showed you a picture, you'd break out in hives!


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