Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Monday Motivation: Getting Your Garage Under Control

How many of you are afraid to open your garage door?

How many of you are parking your car outside of your garage because there's too much stuff stored in there?

I've only met two people in my whole life who had neat and tidy garages - and I'm not one of them. 

I can clean up our garage fairly quickly, but it never stays perfectly organized and tidy all of the time.  That's just how life rolls.

If you're interested in working on your garage this month, here's the plan:
1st week - Planning and Preparing
2nd week - Doing the Dirty Work
3rd week - Storage Solutions
4th week - Maintenance

So let get started. . .

1.  Make a plan - decided on what you will use the garage for.  Will you need to park your vehicle in it?  Will you need space for sporting or yard equipment?  Do you need storage for kid's toys or holiday decorations?  Will you want to have a workshop area or crafting area?

2.  Draw a simple room layout on paper, marking windows, doors, and any other unmovable structures.  List measurements in feet and inches.  Pencil in where you would like to have storage areas.  After you purge out unwanted items you may be surprised how little storage you really need.

3.  Decide if you will need to make any repairs or changes during the organizing process.  This is a good time to paint the walls, clean the floor and put a finish on it, repair holes in the walls, or replace broken windows or doors.

4.  Plan for the purge.  Decide how you will discard unwanted items or garbage.  Will you need to call for a bulky item trash pickup?  Will you need to arrange for a charity to pick up donations?  Decide on what day (or days) you will work on the project and who will be available to help. 

5.  Plan for storage needs.  Decide if you'll need to build or purchase shelves, work surfaces, or cabinets.  We'll be looking at storage solutions on week #3. 

So are you ready?  Don't worry, I'll hold your hand.  Next week, show up here on Monday with your grubby clothes on and get ready to do some dirty work.

P.S. I do realize that I am posting Monday Motivation on Tuesday.  As I said earlier, this is how life if rolling right now and I'm just rolling with it.  Maybe I should wear a helmet!?

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