Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our New Marine

Hubs and I traveled down to Parris Island, South Carolina last week.

We went to enjoy the Marine Corps Graduation.

We started out at 6:30 AM waiting for our new Marine to run by with his platoon.  It was hard to spot him in a group of young men who all look alike.

We enjoyed a glimpse of Ryan before Family day on the base. 

The next morning was very stirring with the raising of the colors while the Marine Corps band played the Star Spangled Banner. 

The entire audience was moved to tears as two jets flew over right as the flag reached the top of the flag pole.  It was picture of freedom.

A replica of the statuary of Iwo Jima was a popular spot for picture taking.

The graduation ceremony was impressive.  All of those young men (the young women graduate on a different weekend), had worked extremely hard for 13 weeks to reach their goal.

Ryan is the first one in the third row behind the Drill Instructors.

We're so proud of him!

As soon as we got off of the base, he couldn't wait to put in his contact lenses and take off the "port hole" glasses they issued him.   Jeans and a T-shirt were also a welcome gift from home.  The picnic basket on the back seat of the car was emptied pretty quickly during the 8 hour ride home - that boy can eat!

Our daughter, Ashley, blogged about our family on her blog O Happy Daze.


  1. this is only the begining of many proud moments for you as your young Marine starts his career. Your heart will burst with pride. We have two sons that are Marines, one left the corp the other is still there and ready to deploy very soon AGAIN.I won't say don't worry that will never happen but know it takes an extremely unselfish person to do his job and not many are up to it. All the blessings to Ryan and his brave comittment. How proud you must be. Nancy Settel

  2. You must be so proud! Love the photos, and I have cold chills imagining the ceremony.


  3. There is nothing quite so beautiful as a military graduation---I suppose to some that might sound a bit strange, but watching my son graduate from U.S. Army OSUT at Ft. Benning in 2007 is a cherished memory. I loved the marching as cadence was called, I loved the feeling of immense parental pride that was tangible in the very air that we were breathing, and mostly, I loved the look of elation on my son's face (also named Ryan) as my husband and I approached him on the field to pin on his blue infantry cord. Congrats and blessings to your Ryan and to the family that raised him.


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