Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Motivation: Laundry Room Storage Solutions

I had a great time collecting ideas about laundry room storage to share with you.  There are a lot of creative people out there and their projects are amazing.

This first photo is one I have a paper copy of, stored in my file cabinet.  I have always loved the creative way this homeowner disguised their washer and dryer in their kitchen.  I think this came from Southern Living many years ago.  When the cabinets are closed, the counter can be used as a buffet.  When doing laundry, the homeowner can use the surface to fold laundry.  Brilliant!

This next photo is evidently one of my favorites because I pinned it several times on Pinterest  before I realized I had duplicates.  It looks like this laundry area is in a bathroom - maybe in a basement.  I love the baskets and the pull-out counter top.  Notice that the whole laundry area can be concealed with a Roman shade.
Martha Stewart

Jennifer gives the details about how she made over her laundry room.  Check out the link below the photos to visit her blog and get the juicy details.

Jennifer's laundry room makeover at

This laundry room has plenty of storage and the great sink is a nice bonus (although I would choose a deep sink).  I like the shelf over the hanging rod as well as the enclosed cabinets.  Very clean and fresh looking.

Laundry room modern laundry room

I love the colors that Nicole chose when redoing her laundry room.  Her room is the perfect blend of cheerful and functional.  Check out Nicole at  You have to go to her blog to see her pics. 

If you have the room, a large counter top island for folding laundry would be great.  If I had the room, I'd do this and extend the counter top so bar stools could float around and the area could be used for crafts and projects.

Add a Storage and Organizing Island

Southern Living

Who doesn't need a space to store cleaning supplies?  Here's a great closet that holds everything.  Wow!

So, what are your favorite storage solutions in your laundry room?  Any tricks you need to share. 

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