Friday, November 11, 2011

New Changes In My Studio

Some of you have inquired about my hit or miss blog posts lately. 

First, let me say, "I'm very, very sorry".

Secondly, let me say, "Tah Dah"!

It's done!

Hubs remodeled my studio for my Christmas present *cough* two years *cough* ago. 

The only thing he didn't do was finish the birch top and paint the drawer unit.  I am "The Painter" in our home and I wanted to finish it myself.  First I had to decide how I wanted to finish it (paint or stain?) and then I had to wait for weather that was neither too hot, too cold, nor too humid.  Well, there was also a gallbladder removal and  kidney transplant thrown in there sometime as well.

Well, I finally got my break in the weather and I had the renewed health to get to it.  I am sooooo happy it is finally done.

I love how the middle piece of the counter folds up so that I have extra work space but it can be folded down to make more room for when I want to work on the floor (I have a bad habit of covering every inch of the floor when I'm working on a big project).  Hubs used the mechanism from a damaged drop leaf table to hold the counter up. 

Here is the sewing side of the counter.  I have two book shelves that fit perfectly within a little cubby area behind the door.  The one on the left (behind the door) holds a lot of paper supplies and scrapbooking materials.  The right side holds only a small part of my fabric stash.  I have the neutral colors stored here and the many colored pieces are stored in a closet on the third floor.

Between the two book shelves, I have a small rod to hold items that are waiting to be mended and also finished Etsy items waiting to be photographed for the shop.   The space is also handy to store my mini ironing board and a trashcan to contain my discarded threads and fabric scraps when sewing.

I added to my collection of milk glass containers. They hold my punches, scissors, writing utensils, product tags, handmade Tidy Brown Wren business cards, and paperclips/binder clips.  Everything I need right at hand.

I spray painted my desktop baskets to lighten things up.  I also set up my spool lamp for extra light.  Notice my vintage "princess" phone?  We like to keep one corded phone in the house in case our power goes out.  Our cell phones don't work very well out in our rural area.

I'm glad I'm able to still use my roll-top desk interior.  Hubs rescued it from the side of the road 25 years ago. 

My antique printer's job case holds part of my rubber stamps. 

This is my grandma's tomato pin cushion.  It is nestled in a handmade sugar dish that lost it's lid (I will not mention who broke it). 

I thought I should show you what this room looks like clean and tidy, because it will not look like this for very long.  I've got a ton of projects and custom orders that need to be finished so I need to get to work - and I'm a very messy crafter.

I've got a few more touches that I would like to add to the space (like vintage pulls on the drawers), but they will have to wait until the holidays are over. 

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  1. Love it, especially your milk glass containers. I have a few but I'm always on the lookout for more to put on my china hutch.

  2. Very nice, Kelly! Looks like a very cozy place to get lots of work done! And I love the lamp! Have a great week.

  3. It looks AMAZING!!!!! What a gorgeous space.


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