Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Monday Motivation: Storage Solutions For Your Dining Room

If you love linens and dishes as much as I do, then you know the challange of storing all of your treasures without being overwhelmed by them.  

I found some creative ideas for dining room storage that should help you get started. 

Here's an idea from Martha herself.  Perfect for a narrow hallway.  If you don't have room for folding and storing linens, then hanging them is the next best thing.  I hang my ironed linens on hangers and store them in an extra closet.  That way they are ready to use at a moments notice.


I've always dreamed of having a cabinet with dowels to hold my tablecloths and runners.  Hmmm. . . maybe one day.

Here's another option.

Source: via Kathryn on Pinterest

I like the idea of a small buffet near the dining table to work as a storage solution as well as a place to serve food.  Drawers are my preferred choice over cabinets because they store more than cabinets and shelves. 

Tall china cabinets are a beautiful storage solution when you need to optimize a small space.  I love how the back of the cabinet is stenciled. 

Looking for other storage solutions?  How about using a storage ottoman at the dining table?  I like the open shelves too.  This would be a perfect option if you needed to use the room as a home office/dining room combo.

If you've got something to hide - as in hidden storage - then a covered table is a great idea.  I've done this very thing with filing cabinets.  It worked great.

Speaking of an office/dining combo, here's a table that includes enough storage for dining and working.  A quick cover - up with a tablecloth and formal dining can commence.
So there you have it.  What creative storage ideas are you using? 

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