Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Recycle Ribbon

We received a beautiful fruit basket from Harry & David for a Christmas present.  With the whole gang at the house for several days, the basket was emptied pretty quickly.  All that was left was the basket (which I'm using on the kitchen island) and the grosgrain ribbon. 

You know how I can't stand to throw perfectly good things away - especially ribbon!  Well, I had to brainstorm an idea of what to do with the ribbon.  I kept thinking "if only it didn't say Harry & David".  And as I thought that, I started scraping at the writing with my fingernail.  Hmmm. . . the writing started to come off a little bit. 

See how the last part of the name is disappearing?

I got out a scrub brush and some "Sparkle Cleaner" and went to town.  A few minutes later and the names were gone.  There's only a faint shimmer of color every now and then. I washed it in the washing machine and it came out great.

I'm not sure where this ribbon will end up, but right now it is nestled in with my other purple ribbon, waiting for just the right project. 




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