Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wrensday- Bloom where you're planted

Wrensday has always been my favorite day here on the blog.  I enjoy taking photos around "The Wren" as we call our home.  I decided to make a "wrensday" button and it will be featured every Wednesday (Wrensday) to announce the photo(s) of the day. 

I love that this little Black Eyed Susan was still blooming on New Year's Day.  It's starting 2012 off on the right foot (eh, I mean root).  Bloom little girl, bloom!


  1. Your button is perfect! And I love that the blooming Black-eyed Susan coordinates nicely with the button. Happy 2012!!!

  2. Squeal! I love black eyed susans!

    Can you believe our weather? It was upper 60s on Monday. Then we actually had a few - very few, mind you - flurries on our side of the water yesterday. And now? Supposed to go back to 60s again this weekend. Craziness.

  3. That is amazing! Is it as cold there as it is here??

  4. Love the button! You have put your increased computer knowledge to good use, I see!! Where'd you learn how to make one of those?

  5. Sheri, I made the button in Picassa. It's really easy - I'm not really that talented! I also use Picassa to make my blog header.


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