Friday, March 16, 2012

Putting A New Finish On Old Hardware

When I refinished my bedside table, I loved everything about it except the worn out handles.  I knew they would not be easy to replace.  The shape was great but the finish was pathetic.

My easy (and free) solution was to use what I had on hand to add a new finish to the handles. 

In the photo below, the handle on the far left is the original finish.  It was worn and uneven.  I rubbed on some gold acrylic paint over the finish but I didn't try to get it into every crevice (middle handle).  After that layer dried, I lightly rubbed on some silver acrylic paint (far right).  I didn't worry about the finish being perfect because I wanted it to look vintage.  Lastly, I brushed on a water based sealant.  If I was using it on an often used handle, like in a kitchen or bath, I'd have used a poly product to hold up better. 

I tend to jump into projects when I get an idea in my head, so I sometimes don't get around to using proper tools.  Case in point:  using my fingers and pieces of paper towels to paint my handles.  But hey, it works!  So if you see me in person, don't question why I have paint in my fingernails.   

A nice surprise was finding out that the new handles match the finish on my bedside lamp. 


  1. I had a design consultation with a home interior designer. The plan was for her to go through my house with me, make recommendations and I would execute the design. For someone who works long hours, that takes a while.

    Her recommendation for hardware was to use the newer spray paints for metals. My walls are mostly close to a camel color with bone color trim. The hardware is rubbed bronze. It is gorgeous. The rooms that are green with the bronze are even more amazing.

    The spray paint has worked wonders for all the things (plate covers, towel bars, etc.) and has worn well.

  2. Your bedside table looks great! I especially like what you did with the hardware. Again, you have inspired me to tackle another project!

  3. Rita, I love using spray paint on hardward - quick, easy, and can take a beating! For this hardware I wanted a mottled look and I could get away using a different paint because of the light use it will get.

    Lottie, I can't wait to see what you'll work on next!


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