Friday, April 27, 2012

I Borrowed From The Recycling Bin To Organize My Drawers

I came across a stash of Crisco shortening containers that I had saved from my days of eating poorly.  I had saved the containers thinking I would use them to store small craft supplies.  Since that never happened, I decided to toss them into the recycling bin. 

Upon further thought, I pulled them back out of the bin and gave them a trial fit in my dining room sideboard drawers.  YES!  They fit perfectly.   

I lined them up, side by side, and used them to hold napkin holders, toothpick holders, and small easels that I use to hold food labels at buffets.

Another drawer already held a wooden silverware tray that I ordered from The Container Store, but the shortening containers fit neatly next to the tray and held spreaders, picks, and salt and pepper shakers. 

I'm very happy with my "free" dividers.  I decided not to use the lids that came with the containers, but if I had deeper drawers, I might have used the lids and stacked some of the containers for more storage. 

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