Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Motivation: 10 Things In Your Living Room To Get Rid Of

Here we are on the last Monday Motivation of July.  I've enjoyed hearing from several of you who are following the Monday Motivations and organizing/cleaning your whole house.  I'm so proud of each of you for all of your hard work.  I love to hear how happy you are with the changes.

Don't worry about how much time it takes to work through your home.  Just doing one small task each day or week means that you are moving in the right direction.  So many people get overwhelmed by their home and so they do . . . nothing.  Doing nothing only compounds the problem and makes things worse. 

If you can only do one thing this week, pick 10 things in your home to get rid of.  Even small items make a difference.  When you change your mindset to look around your home for things that don't make your life better, then you are able to make choices about things to get rid of. 

Here's what I got rid of this past week to keep my living room cleaner and more organized:
     1.  5 CDs I didn't listen to anymore (donated to Goodwill)
     2.  A plant I couldn't keep alive with my brown thumb (compost pile)
     3.  Last month's magazines (donated to the waiting room of the lab where I get my bloodwork
          done - they had really old magazines)
     4.  2 vases from arrangements I received after surgery.  I haven't reused them in the past year so
          they could go. (donated)
     5.  6 books I read this past year and didn't want to keep for reference (donated)
     6.  An old lampshade that couldn't be repaired (trash)
     7.  Winter blankets we weren't using during the summer (moved upstairs to the quilt rack)
     8.  Extra throw pillows I wasn't using (1 went to Goodwill.  1 went to guest room)
     9.  Jigsaw puzzle with a lost piece (thrown away - no one wants to do a puzzle with lost pieces)
    10. Remote control from broken TV (thrown away - batteries were recycled)

Just the simple process of getting rid of clutter makes the room look so much better.  What can you get rid of this week?

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  1. Okay, have you been sneaking around in my house? :) How did you know all those items are here? Oh my ...


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