Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wrensday: Sharing Is A Good Thing

I'm having to convince myself that sharing is a good thing.  It's something my youngest grandson taught me.  Sometimes we don't have a choice in sharing - people (or doggies) infringe on our rights and take what rightly belongs to us.

sharing my snack with a doggie

How we respond to that infringement is what separates the "sharers" from the "non-sharers".  When someone cuts me off in traffic, do I respond with my usual mumbling under my breath or do I let it roll of my back. 

When someone takes the credit for my idea do I insist on getting the attention or do I let it go?

When someone bulldozes over my feelings do I spend the next week fretting over it or do I get over it and move on?

I've decided that I'll share the road, share the credit, share the positive attitude and spare the drama.

sharing my snack with a doggie

Life is too short to eat a whole bag of goldfish crackers all by yourself - even if Mama packed them just for you.  Sharing is a good thing.

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  1. Yep, sharing is tough sometimes. Especially when we think no one is looking!

    Love those sweet cheeks on that little boy! :-)

    Sheri O.


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