Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wrensday: Digging Holes

There's always something that needs fixing here at Brown Wren Acres.  Right now the most urgent project is a new fence enclosure for the chickens and goats before the weather gets too cold. 
We had to move the chickens to the front of the property because the varmints who live in the woods out back were enjoying our flock as a drive through chicken dinner diner. 
So, we (and when I say we,  I mean Hubs and Son) tore down the old layers of fencing and started from scratch.

Son's shirt was an appropriate one to wear - it says "My Achen Back" which is from the summer World Changers trip he went on a few years ago to Achen, South Carolina.

One hole after another.

The "girls" are enjoying their new hen house and getting fresh air and sunshine within the safety and confines of the netted hoop houses.
The girls were happy to see the work being done - they are eager to be able to run free again.
As the weather quickly turns colder, the fence building continues and will hopefully be done soon. 

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  1. Kelly, your girls really do look like they are watching the work! Also wanted to say I really love your header on your blog. Looks very much like Christmas! Have a great week!


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