Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Motivation: Trash To Treasure Dining Room

Most of you know that I am a recycling kind of girl.  I can't stand to watch perfectly good things go to the dump - especially when I know I can fix them up and make them like new.

Several years ago, I came across a metal dining set that someone had set out for the trash.  It had 4 chairs, a table and a bench.  I fixed up the bench here, saved the table legs in the garage, and held on to the 4 chairs until someone needed them. 

A few months ago, I found 2 bar stools in another drive-by road side sighting.

Every piece I found was in pretty bad shape but that didn't scare me off.  The pieces were sturdy but the finishes were ugly.

The worst part was the seats.  The base of each seat was a pressed board product that had swelled and gotten moldy.  It went directly into the garbage can (luckily it was garbage day).

I sanded each piece with sandpaper and steel wool and wiped them down to remove the dust.  Then, I spray painted everything with satin finish Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  I used 3 coats to make sure everything was fully covered.

Hubs made new seat bases out of 3/4 plywood we already had in the garage.  I recovered them with a vinyl fabric I found at Garden Ridge (yes, they have fabric in precut sizes).   It looks like a tweed fabric, but wipes clean which is important for a family with young children.

After everything was put back together, I was pretty pleased with the end results.  All in all, I spent $20.00 to fix up 4 chairs and 2 bar stools.

I like the satin finish.  It is washable but not too shiny.

Nothing fancy, but nice and sturdy - and very easy to clean.

My oldest daughter was happy to put them to use in her home.  I have to brag on how she put this room together.  The dining table was our old one that we gave to her when she moved back to this area.  The side board was reclaimed from my sister-in-laws storage unit, and of course the chairs came from the roadside.  The black accents in the room bring it all together even though none of the furniture matches.


  1. The chairs look beautiful in the after pictures! They really look very nice in your daughter's dining room,too! Very clever!

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