Monday, January 14, 2013

Pearls and Pistols

This may offend some of you.  If you think it might offend you, please click to another post and read something else.  Thank you very much.
This past weekend I did something that I never thought I would do.
  I shot a handgun - while wearing pearls. 
Yup, pearls and pistols.
My Christmas gift from my son was "a date to do whatever I wanted to do".  I decided that I wanted my son to teach me how to shoot a handgun.  It's something he is trained in and is very good at.  I wanted to peek into his world and spend some time with him.  So, off we went to the gun range on a drizzly Saturday morning.
I had to get over my fear of loud noises, guns in general, and unfamiliar surroundings. 
My son made me learn how to load the gun, how to shoot it, and every single safety precaution to take with the gun and the gun range.  *On a side note - I was having a very good hair day!
I was a pretty good shot and had a chance to shoot several different kinds of handguns.   I've decided the 22 is my favorite.
Yup, that's my bulls-eye! 
Hubs came along too - after all, we needed a photographer!  He was able to get in a little bit of practice. 
More instruction was needed. Our son is so smart!  *Could my son have any more things wedged into his jean's waistband?
So here are my lessons for the day:
1.  Spend time in your children's world - you'll learn a lot.
2.  Enjoy a good hair day - they don't come along every day.
3.  Be thankful we still have the right to carry and use a gun if we choose to do so.
4.  You're never too old to learn something new.


  1. Very nice story. Your son is so awesome. You have raised a wonderful young man.

  2. I love your lessons for the day! Thanks for sharing....:)

  3. Yay, so fun! My dad is supposed to be teaching me how to shoot clay pigeons soon, should be interesting :)

  4. Yes, you do have an awesome son! What a great lesson, to spend time in your children's world. Next year at Christmas I'm going to request such a gift. (BTW, great hair day, too!)

  5. Jealous! I want to learn to shoot a gun!

  6. Great son! Great mom! Don't worry about your opinions, that is what your blog written for, to express them. Great spread on the target too!

  7. Love this post! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks for posting this I have thought about going and learn to shoot My Dad use to let us shoot out the back window of the garage when we were teenagers Haven't shot for 55 years


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