Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pump House Paint Job

Today I'm tackling a project for my husband. You see, we have a pump house set back from our house that contains our well pump and a water softener. My Dear Hubby (DH) has to check on the status of those two items every week to make sure our supply of water is clean and plentiful. (Thanks DH) I've always hated to go into the pump house because it is a: dirty, b: stinky, c: damp, and d: filled with spiders and creepy crawlers. I bet if a movie producer was looking for a place to film a new scary movie, they could have picked our pump house.

Last weekend, DH primed the drywall in the pump house. It had never been painted and a bit of mold had started to grow. After almost 3 hours, he emerged from the place, covered in primer and totally frustrated. He's never been much of a painter and really doesn't like to do it.

I went in today (cautiously watching for spiders and creepy crawlers) and painted the walls with some left over paint. In case you're wondering it's called Orchard by Ralph Lauren. I had purchased it 4 years ago, thinking it was more of a sage green and less of a mint green. I was happy to use it up today.

After I painted the walls, I got some concrete paint (see note below) and painted the yucky floor. Now it doesn't seem so a: dirty, b: stinky, c: damp, and d: full of spiders and creepy crawlers. I can't wait for him to get home from work to see it. I don't think I'll tell him it only took me 1 1/2 hours to paint the entire pump house and floor. Let it be our little secret!

You might remember that we recently painted our garage concrete floor. Well, this time intead of using the Behr brand paint, I used the Quickrete brand concrete paint. I found it at Lowe's and I'm not sure I like it. The Behr went on thicker. I think I might have to put a second coat on this paint. Oh, well, Live and Learn!

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