Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sidetracked painted hutch

I got sidetracked. I always do.

Remember when I showed you my snow globe collection in my kitchen? Well I almost didn't show you the photo because I hated the color of the hutch.
This piece of furniture is really just the top of a small hutch that I am using in my kitchen until we can remodel it. I painted this hutch around 1995 when hunter green was all the rage. When we moved into our current house, I had a large, blank wall that needed "something". I didn't have the money to put "something" on it so I took the old hutch apart and put the top part up on the wall .
Well, I saw a can of black suede satin paint in the garage, waiting for another project I'm planning. A light bulb went off in my head and the next thing you know, I'm sitting on the garage floor, painting the hutch top. My husband is used to my sudden painting urges but he wanted proof of why I wasn't cooking dinner that night.

The next day, after drying all night, I popped her back up in the kitchen. I like the black a lot better. Now . . . what was I doing? Oh, yeah, I need to finish putting the Christmas decorations away. And I think I should cook dinner tonight.

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  1. Looks great with the black background. I think Hubby should take you out for dinner for such a fab job. I'm hosting a Power of Paint Party starting late tonight & every Wednesdays... I'd love it if you'd link up your hutch.

  2. you were a woman on a mission and it looks GREAT. A world of difference. Nice work and thanks for posting. Deborah

  3. Looks so much better! I love what a little bit of paint can do. And, too, have those, "paint it now" moments that my husband just doesn't understand. I'm two primer coats into one as we speak--break time!

  4. I love the power of paint!
    it looks so much better!
    Now you can cook dinner and "smile" when you see your pretty hutch!

  5. Thanks for linkin' up for my 1st Power of Paint Party!

  6. I love this, the new paint makes it look so fresh. You did a great job, thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh how I love a painted hutch! Sniff sniff....no link for me?

  8. Sorry Kim, I've got you covered now. I must have gotten sidetracked!


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