Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back porch shoe storage

Remember the back porch improvement project we embarked on last week?  Well, I'm still trying to improve the functionality of the space.  This week I added:

A doormat and a shoe shelf.  I bought the shoe shelf at a local store called Roses for 8 dollars.  It's made out of wood and I painted it with my favorite spray paint.  I bought the rug at Ross for $7.99 (clearance from $15.99).  I was going to go for cute, but decided to go for practical.  I already had the semi-circle rug and this rug promises to trap all kinds of evil dirt and dust and keep it from entering my home.  You can already see a lot of dirt (and one stick) that came off of the stored boots and shoes.  Where's my broom?

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  1. Hi Tidy Brown Wren!
    I came over from Musings of a Housewife the other day and I am really enjoying your blog!


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