Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Window seat redo: AGAIN

I must tell you - I'm fickle.  Fickle as a pickle.  Are pickles fickle?

Anywho, I'm always changing my mind and changing things up.

Here's the evidence:

Because I love a deep cherry red, I made red diamond patterned back pillows and red check (Waverly) for throw pillows for our window seat.  I was happy with that look for 4 years. 

But then, I got tired of the red and decided to make new pillow covers.
I found a different diamond (not sure why I picked a diamond pattern again) fabric and made covers.  I used some green pillows from my son's room for the throw pillows. 

Also, notice the wall color is a yellow glaze.

Well, being the fickle pickle that I am, I found a beautiful fabric (I should just stay out of the fabric store) and decided to change things up (again).

The fabric is bronze with aqua, rusty red, and a dark tan.  Did I say it was beautiful?  It's beautiful.  I covered the throw pillows in an aqua fabric and made a small pillow with my favorite chunky plaid fabric.  Since I was changing things up I also decided to paint the walls.  I used the same paint I used in the laundry room

I'm really lov'n it - at least for now.


  1. I love changing things around! Sometimes just rearranging what I already have makes me quite happy!

  2. I REALLY like that last look! Good call! I'm changing my pillows all the time too LOL


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