Monday, October 11, 2010

Planning an Outdoor Wedding: Stationary to Set the Mood

This is the 6th post in my Wedding Series. 

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One of the first items to be purchased or at least decided on when planning a wedding is the stationary.  Stationary really sets the mood for the wedding and gives guests a glimpse of what is to come.

For my daughter's outdoor wedding, a nature theme was definitely called for.  I have to confess - she did all of the work.  I only handed over my credit card information when needed. 

The first item needed was the "Save the date" card.  Many guests would be coming from out of town and a 6 month "heads up" was appreciated by them.  Ashley saw a template she liked on another blog and designed hers on her computer.  She had them printed at Office Max and then ordered kraft paper envelopes to mail them in.  The brown envelopes were a nice, natural touch.  Here is Ashley's version of  "The mailing of the 'save the dates' ".   I have to warn you - she is a hoot!

After the "save the date"  decision was made, the rest of the stationary came together pretty quickly.  We ordered the  invitations, RSVP cards, thank you notes, and several sets of address stickers (one set with our address to put on the invitations and one set with their new address for mailing thank you notes after the wedding)  from VistaPrint.  We also ordered the invitations for the rehearsal luncheon that would coordinate with the other stationary.  We took care of  the rehearsal luncheon invites because the groom's parents were in the process of moving to Germany.  We were already in the inviting mood, so we just ordered and addressed those as well. 

Notice the circle on the RSVP card that has the return date on it?  Well, it looks like we designed the card to be three dimensional but in reality it was a mistake.  You see, in all of our ordering, we forgot to add the detail of when to return the card by.  After we received the package, we realized what we'd forgotten.  So, in a creative fit, we printed the info on card stock, punched it out with a circle punch, and stamped an acorn on it.  To make the white circle show up against the card better, we edged the circle with brown ink.  We used dimensional adhesive dots to adhere it.  I actually like it better this way - the due date really stands out and the guests don't have to search for it. 

Vistaprint has several types of paper you can choose from .  We chose a medium paper weight and a matte finish. 

Lastly, the program that our guests received at the ceremony was adorable.  Again, I take no credit.  Ashley planned and executed it with some last minute help from her bridesmaids.

The covers were made with card stock.  Notice the sewn binding - much faster than punching holes and threading ribbon or raffia through.  Yup, did it on the sewing machine.

I love the wording.

Fun Facts.

She did not want an "order of service" - just an idea of what activities the guests could participate in.

I couldn't have said it better.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more wedding stuff.


  1. Those are so adorable and creative! I love all the personality in them! Have I said that already? Sorry...still love'em!

  2. Super cute! And the mistake looks really great!


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