Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Math: Addition for Fall Decor

Ah. . . Autumn.  I love all of the Fall colors.

I was looking around my house this weekend and decided to add a bit of color to a basket I already had.

First I added some sticks for height and then I added some clearance purchased orange berries for filler.

A metal urn (thrifted) filled with dollar store pumpkins and gourds (dollar store) sits nearby.  I also added an uplight (from my staging stash) that I turn on at night for added ambiance.


  1. Yup, love it! Alot of folks grab twigs from the yard etc. I suppose the little bugs that come with make it more real, huh? ;)

    Have a good day and hope you are well!

  2. Love those berries and branches -- gorgeous. The metal urn with pumpkins is beautiful too!

  3. Actually, I bought the sticks from The Christmas Tree shop while visiting my daughter in Boston. I figured I pay them to do the work - plus, they were all the same size and didn't come with bugs!


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